Boy Crisis will be big in 2009, Amy Philips said so.

…But let’s start from the beginning: Boy Crisis are a (boy) band from New York. They have been receiving some blog hype since the the second half of 2008, but it wasn’t until last week that I personally came to hear their key single »Dressed to digress». This song is interesting in the sense that it’s been a while since an electro-sexual track was making rounds in the blogosphere like that; it actually reminded me of other sexed-up American bands like Gravy Train!!!! or Tracy + The Plastics (minus the girl vocals) that have of course fallen into obscurity (2001, and the whole electroclash fad for that matter feel so, so far away). All this however has little to do with Boy Crisis and the inevitable fact that are destined to do great things in 2009 – how do I know that, you ask? Easily, they were bashed by Amy Philips!

Amy Philips is a Pitchfork writer, one of my favorites actually. I mostly agree with her reviews and her news stories are always funny – she is in general very passionate about music. It’s just that when she passionately hates someone, this someone is bound to explode into indie stardom! Just read her live review for another Brooklyn band, written on 20 Oct. 2007, a few months before their big break that is. Let me just quote a key line from that article: »Well, you know what MGMT sound like live? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.» Ok, you will think, so maybe she didn’t quite like MGMT and she never got what was so great about them. Let’s go a bit further back in time and read what she thought about another, rising at the time artist. In this case the opening line speaks pretty much for itself: »Amy Winehouse is terrible. TERRIBLE.» (and no, she was talking about Amy Winehouse the musician, not the celebrity).


You’d think that after these two cases, a person would be more reserved when it came to dishing out some harsh criticism, but in the case of Boy Crisis, I guess she couldn’t spare them one bit: »Unfortunately, one of the delegations from our fair land happened to be Boy Crisis, who are the absolute worst band in the world right now.» …and so it starts again, I guess. Ok, to be frank I also don’t see them headlining any festivals in the summer of 2010 and their look does have a douchebaggy touch but »Dressed to digress» is a fun song and it could easily become a hit in gay-indie parties (and conquering the gay demographic always paths the way to success).

MP3: Boy Crisis – Dressed to digress



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