12. Evripidis And His Tragedies – S/T

The sound of being young / the sound of being in and out of love (and fool!) / the sound of being sixteen (but you’re not!)


The Magnetic Fields, The Beach Boys, everything by Phil Spector, sixties girl-groups, doo-wop, Kate Bush, Soft Cell, The Hidden Cameras, Kimya Dawson, Jonathan Richman, early Almadovar, 60´s greek cinema, la Dolce Vita, Wuthering Heights, A Catcher in the Rye, Dracula, Venus in Furs, James Dean who always seemed troubled, W.A. Mozart who died poor and miserable, J.S. Bach who knew everything about poliphony, F. Chopin whose heart was sent back to Poland after his death, Marlene Dietrich and her husky voice, Vivian Leigh and her crazy tempers, Blanche Dubois and the kindness of strangers, Medea as the icon of the desperate lover, Jeronimus Bosch and his visions of hell, Edgar Alan Poe and his epileptic crisis, Oscar Wilde and his aesthetic ideals getting rotten in a prison, Sally Bowles in a wild twenties Berlin, Arthur Seaton who would not be beaten, The long-distance runner and his loneliness, The Baron Munchauzen and his fantastic lies, Petit Nicolas being the mischievous kid I never was, Lilipoupoli (the perfect radio programme that I grew up with), love, kitchen-sink dramas, friends, ex-lovers, current lovers, heroes that fall apart, fantastic parties, dancing with myself, being away from those Ι love, poor dull Varkiza, grey but exciting London, easy-going Barcelona, Club Decadence (the original one in Exarhia…) and its filthy wooden floors and our teenage drunken nights, natural disasters, emotional disasters, commercial suicides, kissing the floors, some boys that I once got to know better, long and lazy summer holidays in the Cyclades, orgasms in a tent, baroque furniture and rococo paintings, the cities’ skylines, early dawnings and Sunday mornings, that favourite shirt of mine that used to be white and turned into grey, my piano teacher, my family – Από τις επιρροές του γκρουπ, όπως τις επιμελήθηκε ο Ευριπίδης στην σελίδα τους στο myspace. Δεν θα μπορούσα να τα’λεγα καλύτερα, χωρίς να γίνω τουλάχιστον μελό (Full disclosure: Ο Ευριπίδης είναι καλός φίλος).

MP3: Transylvania

MP3: Antarctica


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